Practical products and ideas to help you prepare and maintain a beautiful environment and infuse the heart into your practices.

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Teacher guides and support resources focussing on practical aspects of heart-centred teaching, full with ideas and heart nuggets.


Journals & Cards

Journals and Cards for visual impact and, more importantly, a heart impact, keeping your passion alive.




Do you want to bring more spark to your service online presence, and have it more reflective of your heart-centred focus? Does your team need a refuel? Do your teachers need up skilling? Do you want tailored mentoring from the heart or help with your registration? 

Does your centre need some help with 'home-i-fying' or 'garden-y-ing' or you want to 'rejig' your space? Do you want to bring more heart into your practice or programme?

Are you overwhelmed with the administrational load of managing your own centre? Do you want help with preparing for your audit or ERO review?

We can help you

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YOUR PRESENCE on the web

Do you want an uncluttered, beautiful and concise website for your centre or home care? We can create a website for you and as well as help you with heart infused content.for your social media needs.

Do you have a website but want beautiful and informative content for your webpages or for your enrolment packs, information packs, parent handbooks and other resources that can be uploaded to your website for prospective and existing parents or for printing? We can help with that too.

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Are you looking to infuse more heart into your setting or practice?  

Let us know your areas of challenge or special interest, and we'll put our heart to it. Tailor made and team solutions to take you to the next level. 

Kimberley has her own Professional Development company and can also work with you across New Zealand. 

Visit Kimberley's page to find out about her services.

Administration support

Administration support

Is the administration of your centre taking the joy out of your teaching? Are you lacking systems or do your exisiting systems need a review to ensure you meet all criteria, you manage your centre efficiently and you are getting the best outcome with your RS7 funding application?

We can help with your upcoming ERO visit as well as administrational support services like RS7 funding administration, audit, attendance and enrolments.

Let us take the drain out of your administration so you can spend more time with the families, the team and the children, the heart of teaching.


Enriching professional and personal development to help you grow from the heart


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heartful teaching

5 june 2019, 6.30-8.30pM


A workshop for the heart-centred teacher who wants to add new tools to their heart teaching toolbox. This 2 hours workshop will give you practical and inspirational ideas for teaching from and with the heart. With Anja Geelen.

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25 june 2019, 6.30-8.30pm


What is more natural than a child in the natural world? This workshop is for the nature teacher and will unpick the new Nature Toolkit. We will give you advice, practical ideas and inspiration to help you create opportunities for the children to be IN nature - hands in, feet in, heart in, and soul in. With Anja Geelen and Tessa McTaylor.


Do you like the ‘look’ of these workshops? Reach out to us to discuss tailor made workshops for your team or centres.