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The Heart of Christmas

How to inject a festive flair into the festive season

Imagine if you could create a heart-centred Christmas environment for the children in your care?

Would you like to be able to enjoy the festive season, rather than feeling stressed at the end of the year? Feel more energetic, with a recharged battery? Have more time for the children?

At times have you felt tired organising artificial art and craft activities, Santa parties and an end of year performance?

Have you felt carried away with the hype and the commercialism that has creeped into the festive season? Removed from the real spirit of Christmas? Overworked and wanting it all to be over sooner rather than later?

We have! And we didn't like it.

Christmas is about love, kindness, family and giving. Christmas is a feeling and we felt our children were missing out on the real meaning of Christmas. 

We wanted to bring that Christmas feeling back into the lives of the children in our care.

How did we do it?

We started putting the Heart back into Christmas.

We started sprinkling sparkles of Christmas magic around our place.

We planned and prepared for an authentically gorgeous Christmas 'atmos-fair', rather than 'atmos-fear'. We created a festive and homely feel for Christmas – a feast for the eyes, heart and soul. We started creating magical Anniversaries of the Heart and precious memories.

Rather than feeling tired and overworked we felt inspired to enjoy the season with the children and families.

We want you to create Christmas magic for the children in your care too.
We have packaged up our ideas and experiences into a beautiful electronic toolkit to help you infuse a festive cheer into your space and feel rather than do Christmas. 

You don't have to provide a bland menu for the children. Instead you can enjoy the season and create joyful moments that will sprinkle Christmas magic in your early childhood community. 

This toolkit has been created to guide you in keeping your celebrations secular, or by adding your own religious focus to it. Make a difference. Order your copy of the 'Heart of Christmas' toolkit and celebrate, rather than endure, the festive season.

THe Heart of Christmas - TOOlKIT

- NZD $90 plus shipping (p&p)

The ultimate package  for putting the heart back into Christmas. The toolkit includes:

  • The Heart of Christmas - teacher guide

  • Reflection journal

  • Christmas Advent A-Z

  • A Heart-ful year 2019

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The Heart of Christmas - Teacher guide

- NZD $39.95 plus shipping (p&p)*

A 60 pages teacher guide printed on A4 150 gsm paper, full colour, advice, practices, ideas and inspiration on how to bring spark into your meetings. This guide includes: 

  • Advice, practices, ideas and inspiration on how to inject festive flair

  • Christmas posters

  • A Christmas quiz

  • Ideas to jazz up your meetings

  • Inspirational quotes about the holiday season

  • Resources to help you create a Christmas ritual

  • Christmas tips

*A PDF version of the teacher guide is available for $24.95. Select the PDF version.

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Reflection JOURNAL

- NZD $35 plus shipping (p&p)

This Reflection Journal contains a daily inspiration towards heart-centred practice, a weekly chance for reflection, and a monthly motivational message. It can be useful for appraisal or registration requirements, but ideally it means far more than that. It’s a tool to help your reflection to truly become a heart task.

This 152 pages A5 journal contains one page per week of inspirational teaching quotes and one page per week for reflection note taking. (Also available as bundle with the Heart Meeting Journal)

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Christmas Advent A-Z

- Included free with The Heart of Christmas toolkit

Rather than focusing on Christmas as a ‘big day’, we’ll help you focus on making the whole month special. ‘Christmas Advent A-Z’ will give you ideas to implement, and inspirations to get the head and heart cogs turning to help you go beyond skimming the Christmas surface, and offer something genuine, meaningful and magical. 

A booklet with 24 action steps to take during the Advent weeks. Printed on A5 paper, full colour 12 pages.

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A Heart-ful Year 2019

- NZD $19.95 plus shipping (p&p)

Be inspired with monthly actions that make a difference - the ‘little big things’ for a more heart-ful practice.

‘A Heart-ful Year’, our 2019 A Year with Heart teacher edition, focuses on teacher well-being, an often overlooked aspect of heart centred teaching. If we take the time to nurture ourselves, we are able to be more present, calm and kind with others. 14 Cards, 12 months plus display case

The Heart of Christmas is for:

Anyone who wants to teach from the Heart.  It’s for those who want to: 

  • Focus on being with the children rather than doing things for the children

  • Relax instead of feel hurried or rushed

  • Provide a rich menu of real life authentic experiences

  • Use beauty to guide you in how to set up your Christmas environment

  • Create a feast for the senses

  • Keep the magic of Christmas alive

This toolkit is not for those who are looking for a quick fix. It’s not for those who are looking to wind down for the season or for a step by step guide on how to make easy Christmas crafts.   

This toolkit is for anyone who wants to bring life and love into making Christmas as authentic and rich as possible and who sees it as a wonderful time of the year to make collective and connecting memories through authentic experiences and creativity.


I will learn:

The toolkit includes all sorts of practical advice and tips to create a Christmas atmosphere. Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • How to plan and prepare a Christmas ritual

  • What authentic experiences are and why they're important

  • The curriculum of life

  • The importance of Anniversaries of the Heart

  • How to create a homely Christmas environment

  • How to host a Heart Meeting with your team

  • Many Christmas ideas that will help you transform your environment for the festive season



- NZD $90 plus shipping (p&p)

We have put together a premium package, a complete toolkit that includes all our Christmas resources. This toolkit with advice, practical ideas and inspiration will help you plan for and implement a heart-ful Christmas as well as giving you a tool to reflect on your teaching throughout the year. 

The toolkit includes:

  • The Heart of Christmas - teacher guide

  • Reflection journal

  • Christmas Advent A-Z

  • A Heart-ful year 2019

This complete toolkit will set you up with 'tools' to transform your Christmas into extra-ordinary and inspiring gathering that will leave a bigger impact. 

This toolkit is not available electronically. 

Available for shipping to New Zealand, Australia and USA.