Kia Ora, we are The Heart School


We are the creators and pollinators of beautiful practices and resources for teachers who believe in following the heart in their teaching, rather than following a guide book or the latest craze.

We also create The Heart School newsletter full of heart nuggets on how to establish a strong living identity that is anchored in our hearts. In the newsletter we share our practical and philosophical ideas about creating beautiful, homely environments that cover both the seen and unseen in early childhood and how to keep the heart at the heart of teaching. Our newsletter is full of original content. There’s no spam and it’s totally free.

Check out our blog. It is full of inspiration on how to teach from, with and in the heart.


How can we help?


How can we honour our core values of care, love, beauty, and kindness?

How can we meet governance requirements in our centres and also stand true to our conviction of keeping the heart at the heart of teaching?

How can we establish a strong living identity that is anchored in our hearts?

How can we teach from the heart and stay true to our values and believes?

Are you scratching your head? We did. Many years of exploring, researching, learning, being curious, innovating and walking the talk we have created a treasure trove of practical products and ideas to help and inspire you to teach from the heart, with the heart and for the heart. Browse around. There's bound to be something for you.

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These will help you create beautiful heart centred practices, environments and relationships.


The Journals and Cards are for visual impact and, more importantly, a heart impact, keeping your passion alive.


Let us help grow your centre to be a place and space from, for and with the heart.