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Reflection Journal edition 2020

- PRE-ORDER*: NZD $35 plus p&p
(after 10 November NZD $40 plus p&p)

*Price valid until 10 November 2019, pre-orders will be dispatched end November 2019

Do you need a tool to help your reflection as an individual or as a team to truly become a heart task?

Our most popular resource, The Heart School Reflection Journal, is back, refreshed and ready to rev you up for another year of reflection, growth and transformation.

As beautiful as ever, they turn reflection from a chore into a choice, something you can shift off the ‘must do’ list, and onto the ‘can’t wait to do’ list.

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All 365 days of the year have a Heart School message for you to soak up, let simmer, and infuse into what you ‘serve up’ to your children, team and families. The warm wisdom, powerful pondering, and impactful inspirations will truly help you keep your heart at the heart of your teaching. 

Each week you choose which of the meaningful mantras to reflect on in more detail, and an open space provides an open opportunity for your YOU-nique style of recording. It is when we take our lived experiences, examine them and extract some meaning that we really grow. And not just as teachers, but as people.

Monthly, you’ll find further motivators, a statement to start your month off well, and a message to help you get the most from your reflection practice, and in turn, your teaching practice.


The entire journal is chock-full of inspiration to keep you on the heart path, every single day.

When you soak in its messages, you are able to serve up kindness, connection, warmth and authenticity ALL year long.

Combine this beautiful journal with your own head and heart wisdom, and you have the ingredients for a thoughtful, thorough reflection process.

Our new edition has 365 Daily inspirations, a mix of the ‘beauties’ from the first Reflection Journal, and some brand new words of wisdom for 2020. 

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Bite sized morsels of goodness to dine on and digest

But we also have OUR BONUS ingredient, completely free and a priceless enhancement - our Heart School Reflective Collective FACEBOOK GROUP. This online meeting and sharing space adds even more richness to your journey, with like-hearts growing together. (This is the kind of tribe with a very kind vibe). All of these parts make a beautiful whole experience, and you’ll find genuine joy in journaling your journey. 

Beyond useful, it is a beautiful document, words that speak to the soul, photos that touch the heart. 

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