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Hands-on and Hearts-in Nature Toolkit

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What childhood memories do you have?

Did you run barefoot through grass, hide behind a berry bush and jump in mud puddles when you were a child? Do you cherish those childhood moments? Where did you spend most of your time during childhood?

For many of you that would have been the green, natural outdoors.

Where do the children today spend most of their time today? If they are in your care, what does that space look like? Is it green and natural?

What memories are you creating for the children at your centre?

The outdoor space at your centre becomes the children’s outdoor world. What are they touching day in day out with their feet and hands, hearing with their ears and seeing with their eyes? What are they observing and absorbing?

Childhood is a sacred time and children belong in nature. With so many children missing out on unstructured free play in the natural outdoors, we believe that it is our task as teachers to reconnect the children in our care with the natural world.

And this is not rocket science.

At our centres we have created opportunities for the children to be IN nature - hands in, feet in, heart in, and soul in for decades. We have been doing this in many ways, from recreating natural outdoor environments at our setting, to taking them on forest programmes and nature walks.

And we have written down all those practices and experiences so you can join us in keeping the enchantment of childhood alive, and restore the ancient bond between child and nature.

This toolkit “Hands-on and Hearts-in Nature” will give you the tools to help make the memories of the children in your care rich, safe, green, and loving.

This toolkit has been created to help you reconnect the children in your care with nature. With so many children in care today this is a very important task. Order your copy of the 'Hands-on and Hearts-in Nature' toolkit now and help your children create magical memories for a lifetime. Available for shipping from 20 June 2019.

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The toolkit includes:

  • Hands-on and Hearts-in Nature - teacher guide (A4, 94 pages)

  • Into the forest we go - guidelines for a forest programme (A5, 24 pages)

  • Nature dates - 20 suggestions for an earth connection (A5, 32 pages)

  • Hands-on and Hearts-in Nature manifesto - wall poster (300 gsm card)

This complete toolkit for reconnecting young children with nature explains the ‘heart’ stuff of this crucially important task. The toolkit sets you up with 'tools' to implement a nature orientated programme. You will find practical ideas and inspiration to help you plan for and implement nature as part of your philosophy and daily programme, on and off site. All are printed on 150 gsm paper and in full colour.

Available for shipping within New Zealand and to Australia and USA.

Hands-on and Hearts-in Nature is for:

Anyone who recognises the beauty of the child - nature connection. It’s for those who want to: 

  • Restore the ancient bond between child and nature

  • Create an environment for the children where they can be unplugged from electronics and plugged in to the earth

  • Honour the nature connection with awe-thentic experiences

  •  Unlock the child’s innate sense of care for the Earth 

This toolkit is for anyone who believes time in, on and with the earth is important in the life of the child. You do not need a science degree. All we ask from you is the willingness to develop and share your sense of awe and wonder for the natural world with the children in your care.

I will learn:

A wealth of practical advice and tips to reconnect children with nature. We will give you a kit full of dynamic tools.  Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • How to use Mother Nature as your ultimate treasure cupboard

  • How to renew your sense of awe and wonder for the miracles in nature

  • How to address common parents concerns about nature immersion 

  • How to grow your own nature story and confidence in the outdoors 

  • How to strengthen your role as adult in the child- nature connection 

  • How to absorb a daily dose of Vitamin N

  • Many ideas that will help you see the possibilities the nature path provides

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- NZD $50 plus shipping (p&p)

The teacher guide from the Nature Toolkit is available for purchase separately. A 90+ page teacher guide printed on A4 150 gsm paper, full colour, with practices, ideas and inspiration. Order now for shipping mid June 2019.

This guide includes: 

  • Suggestions for naturalising your outdoor environment

  • Questions for deeper reflection on your role as adult in the child-nature connection

  • Ideas to reconnect children with nature

  • Questions for your (heart) meetings

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