Meetings with Heart

How to create inspiring meetings

Imagine if your staff meetings are transformational instead of just informational? What would you be able to collectively achieve?

Do you drag your heels or dance your feet to your staff meetings? What does your meeting look and feel like? Do you feel revved up and inspired, or weighed down and exhausted after your meeting?

Are your meetings a meeting place for the head and the heart?

We love teaching, but meetings? They are not everyone’s favourite cuppa. They can be mundane and boring. And who hasn’t been to a meeting where they felt it’s a meeting for meetings sake?

We have!

Hey, we have even lead those meetings. And we started to dread them.

We started looking for a different way of meetings.

Over the last few years we have changed the flavour of our meetings not just with informational spices, but also with inspirational spices.

How did we do that?

We changed our meetings from focusing solely on the ‘head’, to including also the ‘heart’ of our teaching. Standard ‘head’ meetings may keep the programme ticking along, but innovative ‘heart’ meetings gel the team and keep them buzzing.  

This toolkit has been created to help you change your staff meetings into a gathering that is looked forward to rather than just endured. Make a difference. Order your copy of the 'Meetings with Heart' toolkit and transform your meeting from mundane to pleasurable.

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- NZD $39.95 plus shipping (p&p)*

A 72 pages teacher guide printed on A4 150 gsm paper, full colour, advice, practices, ideas and inspiration on how to bring spark into your meetings. This guide includes: 

  • Resources to help you create more meaningful meetings, thought pondering quotes about leadership and meetings,

  • Ideas to jazz up your meetings

  • Inspiring heart meeting topics

  • Questions for deeper exploration

  • Conversation starters

*A PDF version of the teacher guide is available for $24.95. Please go to the produce page to select the PDF version.

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- NZD $49.95 plus shipping (p&p)

Our ‘Meetings with Heart Journal’ provides a great framework for team collaboration. It is a beautiful journal to ensure your heart meetings are well prepared, and your team’s story is well recorded. It is not for one person to fill in, but a space for multiple voices, distributed roles, and full team contribution. It elevates your heart meetings even further, as a useful and inspirational tool for your team’s unique journey.

This journal travels the year with you, setting and sharing the seen and unseen aspects of your team’s heart meetings.

 A 96 pages journal printed on A4 150 gsm paper. This planner contains 12 months and can be implemented any month of the year and any year. Each month has 6 pages with space for tasks, focus, quotes, stories, ideas, and standards, as well as a year overview for planning purposes.

Heart meeting planner A3 copy.jpg

Heart Planner

- Included with the Meetings with Heart Journal

A wall planner to show your heart meetings at a glance. Use the space to write in your dates, to roster the leader of the meeting, to highlight the focus or you can even use it to quickly doodle down some thoughts. A3 size.

Icebreakers Cover.jpg


- Only available as part of the TOOLKIT package

Staff meetings can get very stale when we offer up the same bland menu each time. Perhaps this spread is familiar to you: an entree of grumbles, main course of an agenda ‘rattle through’, and a final course of ‘must do’s? The only ingredient this menu is rich in is information. 

This little meeting starter booklet presents you with a smorgasbord of ideas for activities to liven up your meetings. Brief little energisers to open, mood shifters for midway, or uplifters to end on, these can be used in the way that is best suited to your team’s ‘palate’. These are not intended to be the ‘meat’ of the meeting but a little garnish to make the whole thing more appetising.

Printed on A5 paper, full colour 16 pages.

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- NZD $90 plus shipping (p&p)

The ultimate package  for implementing your heart meetings and making them a genuine team affair. The toolkit includes all of the above resources:

  • Meetings with Heart - teacher guide

  • Meeting 'warm uppers' and 'up-your-sleevers' - meeting starters

  • Meetings with Heart - journal

  • Heart planner

Meetings with Heart is for:

Anyone who wants to work with a team that believes in heart-centred teaching.  It’s for those who want to: 

  • Learn how meetings can not just benefit children but teachers too!

  • Achieve as a team, rather than an individual

  • Add value to the meeting

  • Attend WE meetings, rather than ME meetings

  • Have their passion fuelled, rather than depleted

  • Leave the meeting with an "I cant' wait to" drive, rather than a "I have to" stand

  • Want to bring their team on board a journey of transforming their current style of meetings into something everyone in the team can grow from and enjoy

  • Want to feel more inspired as a teacher and team member;

This toolkit is not for those who are looking for a quick all in one step by step guide on meetings.  It’s not for those who want to reap without sowing. Nope, it's not a 'staff meetings for dummies' resource.   

This toolkit is for anyone who feels that staff meetings are an untapped source of teacher growth and team connection, and who feels excited at the prospect of achieving more than a dreary to do list.


I will learn:

All sorts of practical advice and tips to create a Meetings with Heart schedule. We will give you a series of dynamic tools.  Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • How to host a heart meeting

  • How to plan and prepare a meeting ritual

  • How to cater for teacher well-being

  • How to ensure the meeting meets the teams needs

  • How to conduct a meeting which creates ideas and rich opportunities

  • How to use collaborative language to create a collaborative mindset which will result in collaborative actions

  • Many ideas that will help you transform your meeting into significance

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- NZD $90 plus shipping (p&p)

We have put together a premium package, a complete toolkit that includes all our Meeting resources. This toolkit with advice, practical ideas and inspiration will help you plan for and implement heart meetings as well as giving you a tool to keep a record of your meetings. 

The toolkit includes:

  • Meetings with Heart - teacher guide

  • Meeting 'warm uppers' and ' up-your-sleevers' - meeting starters

  • Meetings with Heart - journal

  • Heart planner

This complete toolkit will set you up with 'tools' to transform your meetings into extra-ordinary and inspiring gathering that will leave a bigger impact. 

This toolkit is not available electronically. 

Available for shipping to Australia and USA.