Delivering homebaked cookies to the neigbourhood - Belmont Learning Space

Our centre opened its welcoming doors in February this year, and we have filled our beautiful environment with beautiful children and their families, and teachers.

Across the road from the building is a housing complex called Preston Court.  Initially our neighbours seemed to be quite wary of us; after all, how were they to know what changes we would bring to their quiet, leafy street?

We slowly began to make contact when we waved at each other when setting off to explore the Philomel Reserve every couple of days.  It was bound to happen.  Who can resist a group of happy, friendly and curious children, some walking with their teachers and others in buggies?

And soon it felt as if they were waiting ………; coming out of their front doors, ready to wave and call out: “Good morning children.”

The Kete project spoke so clearly to us as one of our chosen goals for the year is, Kindness.  We asked the children for their ideas, and they were unanimous in their chorus of “let’s bake cookies!”.

Monday was cookie baking day, and all the children gathered around the table, eager to help mix and shape them.  (I think that at this stage they thought they would be for them). Mmmmm, how to explain in a respectful way that it is in the giving that we receive?

We didn’t have to.  The children felt the warmth and gratitude this morning as we went door to door and delivered our gifts to them; a simple cranberry shortbread cookie carefully wrapped in a white paper bag, given with their hearts.   And they gave so very easily.  

“Life’s truest happiness is found in the friends we make along the way.”

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