Library love, local school and community sharing - Kaurilands Kindergarten

A lot of our children have siblings at Glen Eden Intermediate School and one of our kindy mums is a teacher there also. We invited a class to come to kindy for popcorn and stories. They came yesterday, our kindy was filled with the delicious smell of popcorn and the quiet murmur of stories being shared.

The first photo is Mike who is the teacher from the Intermediate School, he promptly got on the floor and started reading to one of our kindy children. The other photos show the joy of having your sibling come to kindy to share stories with us.

They gave us a beautiful card to say thank you. We are forming a good relationship between school and kindy, one that is built on kindness and joy.

We also have our local librarian Debra visit kindy once a month. We wanted to show her how much we appreciated her friendship. Daffodils smiles and hugs made her day!

We also give to our local community. We have a very close relationship with our local play centre. We were very happy to be able to share resources from kindy to Titirangi Playcentre.

Kaurilands Kindergarten -

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