How can YOU help?


Share our message of the Kindness Revolution at a "cellular level". The message is always clearer when we 'feel' it. Put kindness in practice and include your wider community.

Join us in the Kindness Revolution. Participate in filling the Kindness KETE with your goodies of


The Heart School ‘Kindness KETE’ is a 'virtual' bag for you, that you can fill with acts of kindness and donated goodies, from your centre or home community for your wider community.

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This is how it works

Participation is free. Register your setting’s interest to participate. Upon registration your setting will go on a list. The Kindness KETE will be 'sent' to you the following month.

There is no physical bag. You will receive a virtual bag in the form of an emailed document with information and some ideas for acts of kindness and goodies to donate and suggestions for projects or charities. You choose your own you-nique project or charity.

You will have one calendar month to fill the Kindness KETE with goodies and acts of kindness for your project of choice. For example, if you choose the SPCA you may fill up your bag with donated pet food and take it to your local SPCA. Or maybe you decide to deliver flowers with a group of children at your local retirement home. Or maybe a group of your parents will get together and help an afternoon at the local soup kitchen. There are endless possibilities that you and your families can get involved in.

At the end of the month your setting sends the Kindness KETE back to us with one or more photos and a short one paragraph write up of your act(s) of kindness.

We will feature your Kindness KETE contribution on our Facebook page with the name of your setting and a link to your website if you have one. We will also feature it on our special Kindness Kete blog here on our website.

The Kindness KETE is then passed on to the next setting on our list. As a thank you from us for participating and filling The Heart School Kindness KETE your setting receives a badge to display on your website or social media.

Are you in? Then register your interest below. The Kindness KETE is distributed at the start of each month.

From our hearts of kindness to your heart of kindness.

Anja, Kimberley and Tessa

The smallest of actions is better than the grandest of intentions