Are you looking for inspiration for making 2019 a heart-centred year?  

Would you like regular doses of genuine ideas to keep you motivated, and your programme meaningful?  

We've created ‘A Heart-ful Year’, a beautiful 12 month calendar, exactly for caring people like you.

We know you want to keep the heart at the centre of your practice, but sometimes need reminders to keep these things ‘on top’.  It's easy to get swept up in the busyness of the days, and let your intentional year slip away.

 ‘A Heart-ful Year’ will keep you on track.  

Its stunning design makes it a feast for the eyes, but the messages in it, and the action it prompts, will feed the heart and soul.

This 14 cards, 12 months set comes in a display flip case. Size 125mm x 142mm.




NZD $19.95 plus shipping (p&p)

Each month has a relevant focus, with heart-filled ideas to infuse your practice. You'll find inspiration for strengthening and authenticating your teaching and interactions with the children.

‘A Heart-ful Year’ will help keep your fire burning from January - December, excited to observe and embrace your teaching practice throughout the year. At the end of the year, instead of wondering, “where did that year go”, you'll have 12 months of memories firmly stored in the heart bank.