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Do you want to keep track of the date, while keeping 'on top' of your commitment to keeping the heart at the heart of teaching?

Do you want a little heart warmer for your teachers and carers? Or maybe you want a little, useful and beauty-full display for your shared staff and parent areas?

We've created ‘A Hearts-in Year’, a beautiful 12 month calendar, exactly for that reason. Its stunning design makes it a feast for the eyes and a perfect display, but the messages in it, and the action it prompts, will feed the heart and soul.

The focus for 'A Hearts-in Year' is one very dear to our hearts - being nourished by nature. Each month has a special message to inspire a deeper connection with the Earth, for ourselves and the children and families we serve.

Tidbits of wisdom, prompts for action, and a heartlift for every month in 2020.

A beautiful follow on from our Nature toolkit, it's a further reminder of the crucial relationship between us and Mother Earth. Nature is it!

They say great things come in small packages, and ‘A Hearts-in Year’, is exactly that. Desk sized, but inspiration filled, it offers 12 months of words and photos to speak to you and spark you!

This 14 cards, 12 months set comes in a display flip case. Size 125mm x 142mm.

Cover Heart Calendar 2020 V2.jpg
There are lots of demands on us and our heart centred ‘to-be-lists’ can get buried under all the ‘to do’s, UNLESS we have the visual reminders to keep our hearts full and our ‘mission’ at the fore.


Pg 6 Heart Calendar 2020 V2.jpg
Pg 8 Heart Calendar 2020 V2.jpg


- pre-order NZD $19.95 plus p&p (until 10 Nov 2019)

Our calendar offers a meaningful monthly message to maintain your mojo, and keep on top of heart centred practices. The nature theme will keep your ‘green heart’ beating strongly, but also inspire an all round kind practice. Nature warms our entire heart and puts us in the best place to serve. Heart messages, regardless of topic, inspire us to stay in OUR hearts so we can reach the childrens’ heart.