January 2016

Do you have light in your eyes and fire in your belly?

'An empty vessel has nothing to give.' Read the words of this very wise quote and take heed. Our 'calling' is one that requires lots of heart and lots of presence both meaning we need to be topped up as individuals. We need to be grounded and able to give the love, time and care that our children need to become emotionally satisfied beings. Play and curiosity come after safety and no safety will be found if those around are not able to give love. 

Making deposits into the Heart account

The formative years of a child's life are all about sensory download. Children download 4 billion bits per second, they don’t miss a thing! Just like a computer downloads anything, including viruses, the child's downloads the good and the bad,  stored in the child's heart forever. It is crucial we make every effort the child's downloads are 'virus' free.

Wanderers or Wonderers?

What is it that rekindles our sense of intimacy with the earth? Why is it that children ask so many ‘why’ questions?  We know how young children have a natural inquisitiveness, but somehow along the road to adulthood, this inquisitiveness gets lost, or in some cases, sadly squashed. Wondering is an inborn sense, closely connected to biophilia, children’s love of life or living systems. Children are naturally in awe of the every day miracles they find around them.