Reflection - is it ‘that thing we do’ or is it ‘fuel’ for your journey?


When you hear the word reflection, what comes to mind? Is it ‘that thing we have to do’, and it goes in the chore pile, or is it something that makes you excited, a source of ‘fuel’ for your journey?

We understand that first mentality, and have been there ourselves earlier on in our careers when ‘head thinking’ was the only way we knew. Reflection was more about what others said about what we did, than about ourselves. It wasn’t even others that we knew, but the ‘big wigs’ in the books, who could ‘back us up’ (hopefully, or we would feel we had to re-steer our ship to a more acceptable course).

Now we’re in the reflection as fuel ‘camp’.

We love it, and see many of our Heart School community feeling the same way.  So what’s the difference?

There are a few puzzle pieces but at the core is the heart. We let our heart into our practice, and it followed into our reflection processes. Infusing the heart saw us shift from:

  • Thinking about our practice and what we did, to thinking and feeling our practice, and who we are;

  • Looking ‘out there’ for answers, to looking inward to our own instincts, thoughts and experiences;

  • Skimming the surface, taking the easier ‘tangible things’ route, to diving deep, mining our mindsets for our deeply held beliefs and how these ‘play out’ in our practice;

  • Reflecting because we had to have some documented, to reflecting because our heart was full and our curiosity piqued and we wanted to serve as best we possibly can;

  • Being scared to put down reflections in writing in case they were ‘wrong’, to knowing that the only right way to be is authentic to ourselves. Following our heart made it ‘right’, no matter what format we chose, or how it looked;

  • Getting it done, to knowing we’re never done, and finding the joy in the journey;

  • Reflecting, recording, and moving on, to reflecting and then refreshing, re-jigging, re-sparking, re-fuelling, re-engaging - some form of action as a result.

If it is only our head involved in our reflection, it becomes a bit of a stale process. It doesn’t inspire us so it becomes reflection for the sake of reflection. It’s a hoop to jump through, a tick in the box, and we can say we’re doing the work of a teacher.

But if we bring our hearts on board, and plant them firmly in the centre, it becomes a different process. We now reflect for the sake of the children, for the sake of ourselves and our own wellbeing.

The children deserve the best of us, and we want to offer the best of us and so reflection is part of our ‘how’. We take what we believe and we unpick and unpack it. We take what we do and we examine and if necessary, exchange it for something more in sync with our beliefs. We take who we are and we look with some grace, throw in some gratitude, and plot out some growth.

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