First impressions - the first seeds of the relationship

First impressions.png

A really powerful saying we love talks about how your energy introduces you before you even open your mouth. Your energy. Is that something you’ve put a lot of thought into?

Often during our training and first few years as a teacher we put a ton of thought into the words we use. We might put the same focus on what we say (and equally don’t) if we then find ourselves on a journey to being more heart-centred.

But our energy, that’s perhaps a little less on our radar, and it shouldn’t be that way.

Once we think about it we realise how very crucial it is, the ‘pre-words us’, that non-verbal impression. Words can be manipulated, and mismatched between what we feel and what we express.

Our energy, which comes from our mindset and our heart rather than our ‘word bank’ is entirely truthful. And our young children are absolutely able to feel this energy. They know if we genuinely enjoy their company, or we don’t, or if we believe they’re truly amazing, or we don’t. They can pick up whether we feel at ease in our workplace, or not. Regardless of any words we say, they know. Our energy introduces us and will give us away if we are putting up a front.

We need to not take this in the literal sense of an introduction, as in only the first ever meeting. Yes, that is important, for both the child and their family. The first seeds of the relationship are planted with their very first impression.

But this is a deeper concept. Our energy introduces us, in fact, every time we enter the space - each morning, after our tea break, on return from the bathroom. Quite a responsibility, but that’s how we give our best to our children.

If we genuinely want to be in the setting we’re in, in the profession we’re in, we bring that passionate energy. If we truly believe in our heart of hearts that young children are capable and worthy of our very best efforts, our energy will zing with that appreciation for who they are, exactly as they are.

We need to be aware of our energy, and ‘keep on top of it’ - filling our fuel tank, finding our right fit, and noticing if we are unconsciously taking on negative energy we find around us. Energy is apparent, and it is also contagious, so we can use this to the benefit if our children and teams by making sure ours is worth catching.