A New Year - what brings you JOY?

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The quiet pull into or away from what brings you deep JOY.

I have been pondering about what people are called to do and the difference in their life and the world at large when we do that which we are called to do.

Clearly the variety is enormous and what is right for one is not right for another.

Just say that deep down every time you decorate that cake or take that photo it ‘ rocks your world so wildly’  or you get a calm peace like a balm and you feel worthwhile you feel like you really are doing what is right for you.

Imagine a world where we all followed the gentle tug of the inner calling, imagine the harmony the originality and the connection.

There is always enough room when we are being authentic because you are the only you. I have observed people ‘doing’ a JOB that pays the bills but when they get a teeny tiny piece of time they do that thing, their thing that lights their world on fire and it is then you really do SEE, HEAR and MEET the real them... the pure alive, non diluted joyful them.

Sadly people tell themselves that what they love can only be a hobby or loads of other people are doing it better.

ALL LIES! No one is being them. When we are creating we are expressing love. When we are in flow we are ‘living’ not existing BUT purely LIVING and it is in this place that we are in flow, we are open and the universe begins to join the dots. We are all connected and this is where magic happens.

Are you living your best life or are you merely settling for less than what you know you are or deserve.

It may be a gentle journey where you begin to indulge more in those things that keep your soul on fire. Today I have noticed 2 people who have amazing gifts and talents and both of them in a heart beat if they won lotto would dive into the thing they love.

Everyone has a happy place but we often hear people saying this is not the reality. It is the reality!!! If you step wildly and courageously into it. When we do what we love, we feel better about ourselves and we feel better about who we are. We are a better person to be around and our energy is contagious. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Imagine the difference when people step into and embrace those things that brings them immense joy. You believe in yourself and others believe you. The world would change one calling at a time. No comparison in callings. It’s like a link in a chain, all links are needed.

If you take a moment and think about what you love doing...How do you feel in this moment?

Do you lose track of time? This is a life of being not a life of doing.

It may not mean you suddenly throw your job in and start cross stitch 24/7, but it may mean you promise to allow yourself 1 afternoon or evening a week to dive into your happy place. Mental Health is as critical as physical health so doing those things that make you feel more alive creative and worthwhile means you are making a positive step in supporting your mental health.

“What we do with pleasure we least forget.”

”May the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Famous quotes we all hear but if only our ear is open and not our soul we tend not to listen.

Go and play, tinker, potter, dive into the joyful blissful timeless moments of following the quiet tug at your heart.   

- Kimberley ❤️