Preparing for Christmas - Will you be my Christmas fairy?

Christmas 2018 C1.png

The festive season is exactly that - a season.  It’s a short space of time that comes and goes, built into the rhythm of the year.   For our children it is such a short window of time in their year but one that truly matters to them. They find this season exciting and magical, and it is up to us whether we leave the festivities at the door, claiming we don’t have the time or energy to ‘do Christmas’, or whether we say YES.  

When we say yes to the season, we’re saying yes to the magic of childhood.

Not having the time is a choice.  We can MAKE time, and TAKE the time.  Aren’t our children worth that? Especially our children in care for long hours and who are perhaps unable to experience Christmas magic out in the community as a result.  A bit of conscious thought about how to make this a special time will have a big impact for your children.

A few hours of being a 'Christmas fairy’ and preparing the environment will gives weeks of pleasures and years of memories.

It really is worth the investment of time and energy.  Once a year we CAN offer that.

Some teachers see it as an ‘extra’, another task on the neverending to-do list. They’re right, it is extra, but in the best possible way.  Creating a beautiful Christmas experience for children adds the extra magic touches that elevates a programme into a truly heart-centred one. It moves us past being in the ordinary category, and into EXTRAORDINARY - the place with a homely, warm vibe that just feels special.   

You can feel the extra care, the extra love, and the extra attention to detail.  You feel the extra commitment to making each child’s ECE experience an exceptional one.  

Surely that extra, once a year for this season, is something we can make time for.

Some teachers say they won’t prep the environment out of hours if they won’t be paid.  No one likes to be taken advantage of, and see some we like to be paid our worth so we understand that at other times of the year.  But for this one season, once a year, even unpaid we hope hearts can be giving. If our employers aren’t willing to pay us in money, we can instead focus on what the children will gift us in return.

Twinkling eyes will repay us for the beautiful decorations we place.  

We’ll get paid in bright smiles for the little touches of Christmas magic we prepare.  Our pockets may not be full from these few short hours of ‘extra’, but our hearts at seeing the children's’ responses?  They’ll be full to the brim!


We have created The Heart of Christmas, a beautiful toolkit full of ideas for bringing magic and wonder to the Christmas season.