A work of the Heart

When we choose to teach from the heart, it is because we know that beautiful, connected relationships are what really matter most.  

When the quality of our interactions set the scene for everything that happens in our setting, it is so important that we give ourselves the best possible chance to be at our absolute best.  

Preparation is everything, and it does not start with setting up the space for the children.  

Even before that step, it is about how we set ourselves up for the day. 

Have you heard the saying, ‘start as you mean to go on’?  If our day spent with children is to be warm, calm, flowing and responsive, then arriving frazzled, rushing, grouchy and distant is not a great match, is it?  

Mornings can be a busy time, of course, with families and commuting and any number of circumstances that aren’t in our control but we do always have some choice.  We believe that we can consciously choose to start our work day well. Just a small amount of time spent in a soul filling ritual can make a world of difference.

How can we start our day in an inspired way?  

This will entirely depend on who we are and what drives us.  What works for one, won’t work for all – adults are no more a ‘cookie cutter’ style than children are.  

Perhaps something visual is what you need, so driving a scenic route to work, or looking at a beautiful artwork to centre yourself could be your ‘secret’.  Maybe words are your thing, and so reading a page of a favourite inspirational book, or getting emailed an uplifting quote of the day will buoy you to carry on your day in an inspired way.  The musical among us may find a favourite song just what we need, or the sensory and wonder-filled may choose to walk barefoot in the grass or browse the garden to get a soul food ‘fix’ and start the day well. 

Building in a positive ritual sets us up for something more beautiful than if we leave things to chance.  It means we truly are preparing ourselves in the head, heart and hand. 

It is not about having the time, it is about making the time.

Before we hear protests, it really is not about having the time, it is about making the time.  

It truly is worth carving out a few extra minutes - such a small time investment for such exponential gains toward being the teacher, and person, we want to be. 

We are worth those extra minutes.  The children and families we serve are worth those extra minutes. 

It is empowering to realise that building in a little ritual puts us entirely in the drivers seat. We are calling the shots for how our day starts.  Regardless of what the day throws at us when we ‘clock in’ at work, we have started off in the best way we know how.  We have chosen to prepare ourselves, ensuring that our teaching is indeed a work of heart!