Would the child-like you approve of celebrating Christmas?

53 Celebrating Christmas.png

One of the best ways of responding to our children with heart is to remember what it is like to be them.  

Bring the child-you into focus, and you'll understand what is needed from us.  

Christmas is approaching, and there are ECE settings around who will be saying, “nope, no Christmas here.  We leave that for the home”.  Run that past your child self and see how you feel.  

What would child-you be saying?  We bet you loved the festive season.  Your eyes would light up to see decorations, you'd be excited waiting for the events of the ‘big day’, and you'd love being involved in wrapping and labelling presents.

Our children, in care for much of their day and weeks, have less time at home or out running errands to engage in this Christmas lead up.  They are with us, in the setting we choose to offer. If we keep Christmas out, they miss out.  If we choose to let Christmas in, we can create a special season that honours the magic of being a child.  Surely child-you would approve?  

Regardless of religious beliefs, we can focus on the spirit of Christmas - love, family, giving and togetherness.  We can enrich the children's days with beautiful Christmas treasures, foods, and opportunities to involve their families.  We can match the children’s joy for this time of the year.

Anytime our enthusiasm wanes, and we wonder if it “really matters”, or if we can be bothered, we need to go back and consult that wise adviser - our child self.

Let that image, and those feelings guide us, and keep us heart focused.   

We have created a beautiful toolkit full of ideas for bringing magic and wonder to the Christmas season. You can download the Heart of Christmas here.