Wherever you go, leave a heart print

This is the job description of the heart that all teachers need. It is the anchor for our belief as a heart centred teacher. Teaching from the heart truly is an ‘art’. The art of loving. Know and have confidence in what we do, and love for what we do. This gives children the best chance in terms of 'downloading' adults who are really living and thriving, and not just surviving.  

Children are learning about their entire world through who they are around and how these people see themselves and how they see life. This is one area of work where no one can afford to be anything but shining and radiating love!   Children want to celebrate life around a big campfire, not a pit of ambers! 

Children deserve teachers who truly love what they do and are present for them. This does not mean we do not have tough days but if you feel every day is tough then the place where you are may not be the right place for you. 

An empty vessel has nothing to give so if you are feeling like you are loosing that light within, and merely keeping the ambers going, it may be time for a holiday or a change of direction.

The first six years is the most crucial time of their life for the child in terms of their brain development. Love literally grows the brain. It is love that children need to have modeled and they need to feel the results of the love and care. Love is not an option for children. It is the essential ingredient for self actualisation. 

Love, care and kindness is not a choice in teaching. It is as essential as chicken is to KFC! 

A qualification on the wall is only applaudable if it is mirrored by a qualification of the heart. A philosophy speaks louder by our actions than it does by our words. We can be the most qualified in the world but that does not cut the mustard. It is critical that we have a strong sense of self. The model is it! Children may forget what they did or what we said to them but they will never forget how we made them feel. 

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do - Rumi

We adults feel enriched and nourished by simply being in and amongst people who are committed to heart centred teaching as their chosen calling! What gets them out of bed in the morning, what gives them light in their eyes and fire in their belly is what we feel and download. We will feel the love and joy that permeates from the inner fire that burns within. 

We all love being around those who have light in their eyes and fire in their belly, so do our children. It is the people who truly believe that love and care are what makes a place and who do not sacrifice or water down anything that would compromise the children, the people and the practice, that make all the difference. 

The world changes one loving thought at a time.

As the adults working with children we have to learn to love ourselves and this is a journey of the heart. You are the only one who lives in your skin. The best possible model you can be for children is to have a strong sense of self.

Love is the curriculum and it is through the results of the care that all feel loved. This is the basis for all relationships and without care and love a centre is a shell! A love-less and care-less place where there are no connections and relationships with the children and families. 

"The hands read the baby and the baby reads the hands" - Emmi Pikler

No one can deny the power of love and care and when this is absent you feel like an object a 'piece of stuff. When there is no warmth and care, there are no deposits of full attention. When you know love and warmth, the heart is full and overflowing with love and full attention. Love is the key that unlocks the heart in relationships. 

The best teachers are remembered by the 'love deposits' that are in the heart account of the child. All children need someone to look into their eyes and say "I believe in you". 

Be the teacher that sees the magic in the child and floods them with love and care knowing this is the very essential foundation needed to build the house of higher order thinking! Make deposits, leave a heart print!

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