Is it a one day wonder or a season of magic?

Less than a week to go until it is Christmas. How many of you are looking forward to Christmas day? How many of you are actually, in all honesty, feeling tired, stressed and wish you could just have a day of nothing... Wait a minute... isn’t this supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year?

Have you been busy planning the big Christmas party with a Santa visit and sausage sizzle, a bouncy castle and presents? Hoping this year’s party is better than last years?  

Each year, Christmas seems to get more bigger and less wonderful. We all love the idea of a merry and jolly Christmas but we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make it perfect.  With our self imposed expectations and our obligations and our focus on one novelty party or day we tend to forget the many magical moments we can create daily in the lead up to Christmas. 

We tend to get hooked into all the ‘must do’ for Christmas. An ’end of year’ Christmas party for the children and families in our care, a staff Christmas function, and lets not forget organising Christmas day for our own family at home.  

The small blessings of the season are the whole reason

Many of us do what we think we are obliged to do, at work and at home. At work we put on the most amazing party, and at home we prepare the biggest meal and shop for the most awesome presents. By the time Christmas day comes along we feel overwhelmed. 

If we had a choice we would rather go to the beach, have a picnic, have a breakfast in bed... We would love to do the things we really want to do without having to meet expectations. If Christmas is only about the obligations we miss the joy.

If you want to put the joy back into this holiday season, consider simplifying your ‘must do’ list. Instead of parties and presents focus on people and play. Consider making this a season of special ritual and connection. Spreading the magic of Christmas over weeks, rather than one day is less stressful and exhausting. Rather, it may recharge your battery. And it creates Anniversaries of the Heart!

Simple pleasures everyday can be filled with a small touch of joy!

Christmas is a feeling, not a doing. It’s a time of joy and peace. A time of warm hearts! If we ’season the Season’ with sprinkles of daily and weekly rituals, rather than focussing on one day, we create anticipation fuelled by the heart, and deposits into the heart account for many Heart Anniversaries to come. Keep it simple. More is less. Let go of the expectations and focus on the beauty of the season, rather than the obligation of the day!

If you feel overwhelmed at this time of the year, it may be time to stop preparing a one day wonder and start planning for a season of magic!

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We want you to create Christmas magic for the children in your care too!

We have packaged up our ideas and experiences into a beautiful Christmas toolkit you can download to help you infuse a festive cheer into your space and FEEL rather than do Christmas.  Check it out.