Think Joy, Love and Peace

It’s December, and it’s the start of the festive season. It’s one of our favourite times of the year. We can all use a healthy reminder that Christmas is a magical time of year. THE TIME for the children to feel the results of our care. 

Christmas is a beautiful time of year for ALL to feel the results of our care. 

We can ALL feel the results of our care. As we prepare for Christmas it is in doing the ‘sensory banquet rituals’ that fill your own soul with gratitude and joy. It will also fill the soul of your families and other people around you. It’s not only the children who notice. Our families also notice. The Christmas magic sown into your place is deeply felt by all.

Feel Christmas rather than just do it!

A Christmas ritual will bring richness to your community. Christmas is a feeling. Bring that Christmas feeling into the lives of not only the children in your care, but also the adults.

A Christmas environment that provides a feast for the eyes, heart and soul, is a very inviting place, during a very hectic time of year. It is in the places that are infused with twinkles and sparkles both on the outside and from within that we can feel a whole different energy within us. We know someone has prepared this with their head, heart and hands! We can feel it!

Let beauty guide you.

Infuse your space with seasonal and beautiful treasures. Festive ornaments bring life and celebration to your place. Stop spending money from catalogues and on kitschy Christmas decorations. Instead put emphasis on the unseen, invisible but totally feel-able environment. Keep to your look and feel, adorn with treasures that you already have. Christmas is the ideal time to be creative. How we create our environments, how we set the tables, how we set the environment. This all models creative thought in action. 

A Christmas space that is beautiful but simple and careFULLy and thoughtfully created is a space where your imagination gets to put life to the passive things. Be creative at Christmas. Create a magical and beautiful Christmas environment for all to absorb. This is the season to put imagination into action, to create ideas that promote thinking outside the box. 

Home-i-tise for Christmas.

Authentic experiences are the cornerstone of a heart centred programme. Why, because they go straight into our memory bank. Sensory experiences ignite special memory. Incorporate these experiences into Christmas. 

We don't do this by putting out so called creative or art activities on the table. Instead, introduce the children and your community to the art and the heart of Christmas, the beauty and magic, the warmth, the kindness. You do this through carefully chosen and placed decorations, and materials.  Add more beauty with a festive feel around your space.

Choose to keep Christmas in your heart.

It’s important for the children to absorb the beauty, charm and historical and cultural significance of the holiday celebrations that go on around them. Christmas is everywhere, it should NOT stop at the gate of your centre!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to make collective and connecting memories. Forget chores and be present. Christmas is about relationships, family and love. Christmas is about heart connections and life. Give yourself and others that gift. Give joy, love and peace!

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We want you to create Christmas magic for the children in your care too!

We have packaged up our ideas and experiences into a beautiful Christmas toolkit you can download to help you infuse a festive cheer into your space and FEEL rather than do Christmas.  Check it out.