'T is the season to be jolly

As teachers our role is to modify, adapt and manipulate the environment, an environment that mirrors the biological imperatives of the child. Our places need to be a direct reflection of what the child’s biology needs! With close to 200.000 children in early childhood settings across New Zealand we have a very important task to do!

Children have no choice where they are. Even if they are tired, sometimes even unwell, they will still be dropped of at childcare. They can’t say “I am taking a day of from childcare today”. The least we can do is to make the time they spend with us magic and memorable. 

Christmas is the season to do just that... a magical time, full or sparkles and sprinkles, beauty and love, care and joy. There is a reason why this time is called the ‘season to be jolly’. 

A bland menu or a tasteful menu?

What are you doing this Christmas to make it a magical and memorable time? Have you started planning how you will adorn and beautify your space so children can 'download' far more than a few art Christmas activities. What are you doing to put the HEART into Christmas?

Christmas is about love, kindness, family and giving. Christmas is a feeling. We need to bring that Christmas feeling back into the lives of the children in our care. The FEELING, not the DOING, not the hype and the commercialism that has creeped into the festive season. 

Our children are biologically wired to not miss a thing! 

We can prepare for an authentically gorgeous Christmas 'atmos-fair', rather than 'atmos-fear'. Provide a feast for the eyes, heart and soul. Children download not just images, they download feelings! They feel the results of all our love and care through the smallest of details. They download 4 billion bits per second, they do not miss a thing. We have to make sure they get the best deal. We have to make sure they download love and kindness, rather than tiredness and stress. 

Our children deserve joyful and loving teachers who'll do anything to create a bit of magic at their place, in the seen and unseen. They deserve PRESENT teachers.

Instead of teachers who are winding down, they need teachers who are winding up. 

There is an 'art' to ensuring children get filled with 'presence' over this period in our ece. Children want our presence and full attention. This is very important.

Some teachers are ‘over it’, especially as we near the end of the year. These teachers may say "whats the point kids don’t notice". This is so wrong! The sparkle is dimmed by the flatness of teachers who may be over it!

Rather than feeling tired and overworked, we encourage you to be inspired and enjoy the season with the children and families.

Believe in the law of attraction, give love and you will receive love, be caring and you will be cared for, spread kindness and kindness will come back, give full attention and you will be attended too. What better season to practice this than the season of Christmas!

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We want you to create Christmas magic for the children in your care too!

We have packaged up our ideas and experiences into a beautiful Christmas toolkit you can download to help you infuse a festive cheer into your space and FEEL rather than do Christmas.  Check it out.