Do Not Miss The Sacred Moments

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than two months away. We are entering a traditionally hectic and busy time of year. What some people call the 'silly season', is what we call the ‘magic’ season. This is the season that is all about the ‘magic of life’. What better season than the Christmas season to create memories and shared sacred moments as part of the curriculum of life.

That which they learn with pleasure they least forget.

Children are wired for 'real hands on learning' through their senses. They build a body of knowledge at a cellular level and this is best done living and engaging in authentic real work that feeds their imagination and play.

Christmas is part of 'living', it's part of the curriculum of life. The best foundation for later learning is 'real life experiential play' and engaging in life. If we take Christmas off the menu in our centres we are disadvantaging the children in care as they then will have to feast on a poverty menu in regards to play. They will miss out on 'real life' and miss the connections that are potentially made in a rich, beautiful and nurturing environment. The body has a memory and it will never forget that which it was connected too.

Children learn best when they are downloading at a cellular level.

The cellular memories that are being created whilst in self initiated rich imaginative play is priceless! When children are sniffing the flowers and making potions from the lemon balm and rose petals, feeling the mud between their toes, skidding on the dirt, climbing the tree, listening to the orchestra from the birds, checking out the scales of a lizard, that is when they are building their body of knowledge at a cellular level. It is the same for decorating a Christmas tree, writing Christmas cards, baking Christmas goodies, hearing Christmas carols and listening to a Christmas story. All these rich ‘life’ moments are still as important today as they were when we were a child.

Nothing beats the 'real thing'. 

This not only applies to concrete 'seen' experiences, it also applies to abstract and 'unseen' moments. The profound impact of love, time, care, and full attention locks memories into both the body and the heart. Love, care and kindness, while we can never really know how profound these small moments are in the life of a child, we do know they develop the underrated intelligences - the emotional and social literacies that are critical for living in a connected world with others. The more our children are treated with deep care and kindness, the more they will treat others with care and kindness.

Any moment that is bearing the fruit of life, love, joy, peace and kindness is a sacred moment.

Often what we want is someone to give us the gift of their presence and unconditional love. This is when rich deposits of full attention go directly into our heart account. Any moment where we are giving a piece of ourself and acting in a loving kind way is sacred. When we feel totally in the NOW, and in the flow and creating, those are all sacred moments. 

 If it comes from our heart then it flows through to all we do and say.

The sunset at the horizon, the daisy in the crack of the footpath, sharing this awe with the children nurtures a love affair with nature. The learning is spontaneous and absorbed at a sensory level. Written in every cell. It is the memories that are wrapped in love and kindness that give us anniversaries of the heart. They are deposits held in our 'love account'. Hold those moments sacred when they touch your heart and warm your soul.  

It is our job to acknowledge, celebrate and protect these sacred moments. When we feel a sense of wonder or awe and we look with joy and gratefulness at how magical childhood and sacred play is, that is a sacred moment. And we need to protect it. Our children deserve the sacred moments, the not to be missed childhood moments of a magical childhood. And Christmas, if done from the heart, is a big part of this.

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