Do you have light in your eyes and fire in your belly?

'An empty vessel has nothing to give.' Read the words of this very wise quote and take heed. Our 'calling' is one that requires lots of heart and lots of presence both meaning we need to be topped up as individuals. We need to be grounded and able to give the love, time and care that our children need to become emotionally satisfied beings. Play and curiosity come after safety and no safety will be found if those around are not able to give love. 

We all come to this world for two things, to give love and to receive love. Sounds simple but matters of the heart are an art and often a journey of a lifetime. 

As Dr Emmi Pikler said, it is critical children experience satisfaction and pleasure through care. We know it is through these intimate 'care moments' that the relationship is nourished. The care is the curriculum and we know it is only when the child is emotionally satisfied that they will engage in rich authentic play. Never ever underestimate the 'art' of caregiving and remember the art of care is staying in the heart!

“Create what sets your heart on fire and it will illuminate the path ahead.” - anon

This gives us all a big hint at what is important. It does not say ‘what sets your head on fire’, it says ‘what sets your heart on fire’. So often the intelligence of the heart is missed out, or sacrificed in exchange for the head. What comes first, the head or the heart? We must have both to thrive. But even as embryos, our hearts come first. 

Brain development is important, but the biggest piece of intelligence is your heart. - H H Dalai Lama

Setting your ‘heart on fire’ is the difference with you surviving or thriving. Are you surviving or are you thriving? Does what you do everyday feed your soul and set your heart on fire? Or are you merely surviving?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver

Is what you are doing still in line with your life dreams and vision? Do you feel your life is just passing by or do you feel like you are totally living life and being present to life!

If we keep doing what we have always done and are not fulfilled we will stay not fulfilled because we are choosing the mundane road of mediocrity rather than following the light within that is like the GPS of soul. 

Deepak Chopra talks about us tapping into the GPS of our soul, our intuition. We need to be aware of our three brains, our three intelligences: - the mind or intellect, - the heart or intelligence and - the gut or intuition.

In our profession the children are effected by those adults that surround them. Imagine if children are around those teachers who no longer feel ignited by what they do, whose heart is not on fire. 

Some spend more waking hours with us than their family. Children are learning about their entire world through who they are around and how these people see themselves and how they see life. What message about life are children downloading.  When we shine children gain the warmth from our inner fire.

Choose life. Follow that which lights your fire within your soul and inspires you. Life is a journey and sometimes it is a single pebble or stone in the path that you may step to or you may leap in the air, kick your heels together and change the path and then the destination. Children need to be around those who love what they do. Who have a light in their eyes and fire in their belly. This gives children the best chance in terms of 'downloading' adults who are really living, and not just going through the motions. 

What are YOU doing to top up your vessel and light your fire? 

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