No peace, no learning!

You can’t do the bloom stuff until you have done the Maslow stuff. There is NO learning when there is FEAR . If children are fearful at school then the brain is not in its optimum state for creativity and higher order thinking. Cortisol levels compromise not only learning but the immune system. 

"It is only when a child is emotionally satisfied that they will engage in authentic play" - Emmi Pikler

Play is the vehicle for learning. No peace, no learning! It is only when a child is emotionally satisfied that they will engage in higher order thinking. For our children that means love, belonging, relationships. We can give them the most beautiful equipment and physical environment, but it is not effective until the child FEELS safe and respected as a free and equal human being. If they do not feel safe or secure, when they are in fear, they can not think, they can not create and they can not be in a state of bliss, the highest expression of love.

Children must not be in environments where the energy is charged with FEAR.

Children need atmos-FAIR, not atmos-FEAR! The environment is an extension of our nervous system. If it is too wired the space pulsates at that frequency. Children are held by the state of the people. We know when we are in a job where we are terrified we can not work to our best as we are bound by fear and anxiety. This is even worse for our children. They don’t have the option to get their keys and drive off if it gets too much! 

Higher order thinking and creative thought can only happen when children feel safe and loved.

Children need to be enveloped by love and care and sense that they are safe and can unfold naturally and confidently. There will be NO rich play if children are in places/spaces where they feel fear.  The more fear the less attention to detail is given, and the imaginative ideas are blocked.

The more prepared we are, the more present we can be. We can only higher order create and think when we are present. When we play (whatever our play is) we are present and when we are present ideas flow. This is as much true for the adult as it is for the child.