Champions for the child

Everyone remembers vividly those teachers who perhaps should not have still been teaching but those teachers who believed in you and adored you will always have a place in your heart! 

Children may forget what they did or even what they heard but they will never forget how they were made to feel. 

Kindness is one of the most powerful qualities of the human being. True kindness does not judge, that is why it goes straight to the heart. It’s like a little drizzle, it doesn't miss a patch. Kindness is the foundation for beauty in the unseen, in the relationship. Kindness is good, for you and the other. Kindness is a direct 'deposit' into the 'heart account'. It gets stored as precious gold in the heart bank. 

These gold deposits are the credits the child needs to withdraw from when they need extra love and kindness as they live their life. We don’t know how things are for them away from our environments, we don’t know how life will be for them, but if we can do our bit, and deposit gold nuggets in to their heart bank now, we can only hope that, as they grow, these nuggets will gain enough interest to help them when needed. 

We want our children to go home with a heart full of love rather than a bag full of work.

As adults we have such an important task to do. Filling a child’s bag with worksheets is easy, filling a child’s heart with love and kindness is a mammoth task. It means acceptance without judgement, presence with full attention and understanding with authenticity. These create the nest, the foundation to which they can always return, no matter what. That believe, that trust, is what fills the child’s heart bank. 

We are the champions for the child. 

We are the true believers in the child as a capable, free and equal human being. Our philosophy needs to reflect our burning beliefs that we see children as able and competent and that we as the 'teacher' merely 'allow' their unfolding rather than seeing them as needing to 'fill up'. If nothing else teachers need to look into the eyes of children and say "I believe in you". Every child needs someone who no matter what champions for them, defends them, loves them, hugs them, talks to them, is there for them. 

That means we need to be patient, we need to trust and we need to let go. Just like the caterpillar in the cocoon waits patiently for the day it will emerge like a beautiful butterfly, we need to be patient for the child to follow nature’s plan. Just like the newborn who trusts the mother to feed, care and protect her, we need to trust the child. Just like the leaf on the autumn tree which lets go when it is time, we need to let go of our expectations and attachments.  

We as the adults need to put more energy into the 'fields' in which the 'seeds' are growing and unfolding, rather than the ‘plants’ themselves. 

Like gardeners we put our soul into the soil ensuring we can hand on heart say we have been aware of all the conditions needed for the seeds to have the right conditions to grow, unfold, blossom, stretch, shine, and then again we have a responsibility to water, nourish, nurture, care and trust the process. 

Our dream is for children to bounce away with a spring in their step and a deep inner knowing that they are a free and equal human being. This means they need someone who believes in them. They need someone who champions them!