Together everyone achieves more

Children download 'how' we are within ourself. Children see through masks and they 'know' and 'feel' how we are inside.  At a very deep level this allows children to feel and know, what it means to be around adults who believe in and are comfortable with who they are. To be around adults who believe in themselves and are true to who they are is important for children.

Teams who are 'fuelled' with the same beliefs and are in tune experience the joy of the journey.

As a team we need a shared cohesive philosophy and approach that serves as the anchor for our practice, so that we can truly believe in ourselves and in our actions. We need a belief system that drives our passion to the destination of our vision, as a collective. It is vital to work as a unit and with a cohesive vision. The team then rises above the anxieties and lives in the present.

Self belief and belief in each other are the foundations of a good functioning team.

Strive to connect and create a team who share the vision and  are knitted together with united beliefs! How we function as a team creates a vibe in the seen and unseen environment of the child in our care.  It can make the difference to whether we are thriving or whether we are just surviving as a team. When teams are connected in love and work together as one, magic can happen. 

Remember in all things we are a model for children, they are making sense of their world through how they are treated and how free they are within their play and movement. Teams that fill the heart and soul of their members are a joy to be around with.

"It is not just about technique but how I am with myself" - Dr Emmi Pikler

An empty vessel has nothing to give. As a team it is important we are kind to each other.  We are in a very giving profession and if and when we realise we are feeling 'empty'  as a team it can sometimes be a little late. Take time for regular check ups, pull into the pit stop for a service, re-ignite and make sure all cylinders are sparking so that as a team you can move into top gear.

How you see is how you will be!

It is important to maintain a good clean 'emotional hygiene', to create an environment of atmos’fair’, instead of atmos’fear’, where kindness is the norm. The children will be feeling and downloading the vibes of the team. Their emotional safety and satisfaction is our priority. Do what ever you can do as an individual and as a functioning team to keep growing. Put energy and awareness into creating an atmosFAIR charged with love and care!