Making deposits into the Heart account

The formative years of a child's life are all about sensory download. Children download 4 billion bits per second, they don’t miss a thing! Just like a computer downloads anything, including viruses, the child downloads the good and the bad,  stored in the child's heart forever. It is crucial we make every effort the child's downloads are 'virus' free.

Only authentic experiences can truly touch the heart.

Children's brains are wired for 'hands on' sensory experiences. Children learn best when they are downloading at a cellular level. When they are sniffing the flowers and making potions from the lemon balm and rose petals, feeling the mud between their toes, skidding on the dirt, climbing the tree, listening to the bird's orchestra, checking out the scales of a lizard. Nothing beats the 'real thing'. 

Children 'download' those they are around.

Children download the energy and internal state of those closest to them. We want children to be downloading adults who are comfy in their own skin and with a strong sense of self. It is the spirit by which you are doing anything, the joy or the stress that they feel, which is important.  Lets ensure we take personal responsibility for our inner being. You are being observed and you are being 'downloaded'!

That which they learn with pleasure they least forget.

Children build their body of knowledge at a cellular level and the profound impact of love, time, care, and full attention locks those memories into both the body and the Heart. When we ponder on our early school days, it is the memories that are wrapped in love and kindness that give us anniversaries of the heart. They are deposits held in our 'love account'. 

Love, care, and kindness - this is spirituality in practice.

Memories wrapped in the opposite of care are not kept in the heart, though they have impacted on our sense of self, and are locked in as cellular memories in the body. The more our children are treated with deep care of love and kindness, the more they will treat others with love and kindness. While we can never really know how profound these small moments are in the life of a child, we do know they develop both the underrated emotional and social literacies and intelligences that are critical for living in a connected world with others.

When a child experiences satisfaction and pleasure through love and care then the imprint will indeed be one of the heart.

As children absorb the world around them, the values they are surrounded by are absorbed too, and are built into a part of who each child is. Lets give our children beautiful sensory banquets so they can build up their cellular memory in years to come.  It may seem like a small thing but often its the small things that are beautifully wrapped in love that can be a big memory. It’s these memories that will be locked sensorily in both their memory bank and heart account. 

Get creative and remember children draw inspiration 100% of the time by what and who we are. Give the children an enticing environment that saturates the senses with beauty, that speaks to their imagination and calls to them to come and play. 

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