Finding the special in the everyday

Seeing the magic in every day moments is the key of ‘being’ a heart centred teacher. It is all about transforming the mundane to the special. No matter what we do. It is never what we do, it is always what we think about what we do and how we are in it! 

Take for example refreshing your space. It's a simple task that can come from two  different energies:

- This is a chore and I am sick to death of tidying up. I did not train to be a cleaner. 

- The children and all who come into this space need to feel the love. Refreshing, cleaning and preparing the environment are all ways for everyone to feel a space that is cared for. 

The way we do this is the key. Our energy, our mood and vibes give a message to the children. This message can either be 'this is a pain and I am fed up' or 'I am joyful and believe this is vital for our children to be alongside those adults who live and care for their "home" and "garden"'.  Children download what they see and hear. If they see us caring for and loving their patch, than they get the message that they are important and worthy. 

As we restore beauty we are restoring our soul!  As children are surrounded in beauty their soul grows. 

It's a win win situation and a natural way to connect and be together. As we potter in and out in our environments we are actually engaging in life.  Education and learning is inextricably interwoven into life. Pottering around, giving the space a homely feel  is what makes a space alive and non clinical. We know from experience that the children's view to caring and loving their place rises if they are able to absorb life unfolding around them as they potter and tinker in their play. This all feeds into their imagination and as they play out life we see the fruits within their play. Children treat others things and the world as they have been treated. When love, care and nurture is experienced then they play out that which has been impressed, enabling children to create their 'own' rich play experiences.

We all love being around those who have light in their eyes, fire in their belly and peace in their heart.

Have a think of where you are? Children need teachers who love what they do. It is our role as teachers to provide a place, space and pace where children feel totally 'at home'. When we consider our role as teachers, it is crucial that we continue to bring 'awareness' to our thoughts, as ultimately this effects 'how' we are with children. Our 'state' is downloaded moment by moment, so it is moment by moment that we need to be aware of our thoughts. Emmi Pikler so wisely said  "Peaceful adults contented children" Our role is to work on ourself! This is an inside job. 

When we do what we do with joy and pleasure it touches the heart and speaks to the soul.

All tasks are equal if we can model loving, caring and being in harmony with those things people often moan about. Imagine the mindset and heart set that could change for the next generation.