We teach who we are!

It is more important to look at who we are rather than what we teach. Dr Emmi Pikler was very aware that it is more than technique that makes or breaks the adult working alongside children. Rather it is how they are with themselves that is the key to being a heart centred teacher.

“We will not be good teachers if we focus only on what we do and not on who we are” - Rudolph Steiner

Many people of substance regularly make reference to ensuring we as the adults are growing in self awareness and self efficacy. Personal development is critical when working with children. We know children copy us, we are the models in their midst. How we are is read from the way we are with them and how they are made to feel. Children get to experience our philosophy through our actions. They are making sense of their world and starting to form their view of their world through the interactions with the people closest to them. They need to be around adults who believe in themselves and are true to who they are.

An empty vessel has nothing to give!

Teaching is a heartfelt calling. It is our body, heart and soul we also have to nurture. We can be the most qualified in the world but that does not cut the mustard. It is critical that we have a strong sense of self.  Be you and allow yourself to be true to who you are rather than meet the needs of who others would like you to be. You are the only one who lives in your skin and the best possible model we can be for children is to have a strong sense of self. We need to thrive, not just survive. It is our responsibility to ensure we keep our vessel topped up. 

This calling is a profession where we give and give and give and children need to receive rich deposits of love via ‘full attention’. It means the teacher needs to be able to be present. It sounds easy. Not always!  It means we sometimes have to  quieten our noisy thoughts and bring stillness to our busyness. Be aware of self love and be aware of how you can nurture yourself and keep your vessel full. That way we can be of service to ourselves and the child.