Put the heart at the center of your thoughts

The teacher who practices in a heart centred way will see results  that exceed the current status quo. They will experience 'being' with the children rather than 'doing' to the children. It is the art of being fully present, experiencing a state of being rather than doing. They will relax instead of feeling hurried or pressured to be 'seen to be doing'.  They will feel free 'to be' instead of being pre occupied with agendas to get to the next topic or task. In this way of being, the children are in charge of their own learning and imagination. The teacher sensitively supports the child instead of seeing children as incapable and helpless and needing their constant help. They will be aware instead of too busy. They will be mindful instead of mindless. They will teach children to live in the now, and not in the future. They will have the child at the Heart of the matter!

With such a strong focus in our training on the skill sets of teaching, how can we develop the mindset to become a more heart-full teacher?

First of all, in everything we do, we must place the heart at the centre of our thoughts. Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, and actions create realities. Imagine what our reality, our world will look like when we put the heart at the centre of the thought? One can only imagine the love, care, beauty and kindness that will come as the result of such thoughts. 

Our emotions are the barometer of our thoughts. Be aware of your emotion and catch the thought. 

With growing 'compliances and paperwork' taking more of our time, we are finding so many teachers who can’t see the wood for the trees anymore, or the child for that matter. As teachers we have criteria to meet, from governing bodies and from managers. But just as important are our own heart-full criteria, as it is these criteria that enable us to stay true to ourselves and to focus on the things that matter most to us. Reviewing the core qualities that are most important to us as a heart centred teacher is so important. It is those values that shape our thoughts and, in the end, shape our realities. If our thoughts are focused on being a fine teacher, the result will be a fine teacher. But if our hearts are guided by thoughts of being an amazing teacher, then the result will be amazing. Put the heart at the centre of your thoughts and raise an amazing child!