You are a fine teacher

We often get the question ‘what do you mean, heart centred teaching?’ Isn't that what all teachers do? Maybe yes, in their mind it is what they do, but just like Dr. Emmi Pikler said to the untrained nurses “I have no doubt that you love and care for the babies. I will show you how”, we say "We have no doubt you want to teach from the heart, let us show you how”.

We go out in to the world of teaching. We are passionate, full of enthusiasm and zest to spend our days being with children and teaching them the intricacies of live.

You may have gone to teachers college with a heart full of passion and a joy for teaching and love for children. You may even be the one who as a child had dollies sitting in row of chairs with you standing at the front, teaching them the abc song. Teaching was in you, and people commented how one day you would make a fine teacher. You went to teachers college and soaked up all the theories about schemas and scaffolding. You passed all your assignments with merits, if not excellence. You had no trouble finding your first job as a teacher at a lovely small centre. Your new colleagues were great, the children were adorable and the parents were supportive. 

You most likely are a fine teacher, as they predicted. And all seems fine. The years go by, one year, two years, three years and than a shift happens. You notice that your mind is less and less focused on the child in front of you. Compliance is over taking what you love. The child is no longer the heart of the matter. 

You spend your days juggling expectations of parents, your manager and the government, not mentioning the expectations you have of yourself. After all, you are a fine teacher. And you are! You have build up the skill set of a fine teacher. You effectively get the job done but somewhere along the way you have lost the art to put energy into the heart stuff. Is this what you trained for? What happened to the amazement, the curiosity, the wonderment you had inside you, that you were so eager to share with the children when you set out on your teaching path. You feel you are no longer with the child, instead, being a teacher has been replaced with doing teaching. 

It is a beautiful thing to have a meeting of both the mind and the heart.

You want to go back, back to that place you have inside you. That place of magic and curiosity, that place of beauty and care, that place where you find love and kindness. Let us help you to make that journey from the head back to your heart. Let us help you see once again the child in front of you and celebrate their childhood. Let us help you to believe in yourself, to connect, heart to heart, and engage in heart centred teaching practices. You say you love teaching. Why settle for being a fine teacher if you can be an amazing teacher!