The gift of presence

Children get a direct deposit into their heart account when they receive full attention.  When we give children our presence, we are giving them our full attention. Our thoughts are on the here and now, and we would not be thinking or worrying of what still needs doing. 

Are you ready when the children arrive, so you can give them your full attention? 

We often hear stories of teams and teachers who literally ‘skid’ in the mornings whilst the children are waiting. The teachers just ‘grab’ anything and put it on a table so at least it looks like they are ready. Imagine how this fashions your day? Are you still and peaceful within, or are you flying around in a frenzy? 

In our profession 'presence' is 'how' children feel the results of our love and care.

At both The Nest and at Little Earth, our mantra is “Preparation in the Head, Hand and Heart”.  When preparation in the Head, Hand and Heart is embedded it is a two fold gift. The adults get the gift of giving full attention to whatever they are ‘doing’ prior to children arriving, and the children get the results of the beauty, care, and order, and the love that has been sown into the preparation, a beautiful prepared ‘seen and unseen’ environment.

Children deserve teachers who are fully prepared in the Head, the Hand, and the Heart. 

We are in the business of supporting 'free spirits' to unfold. It’s our duty to provide an environment for the children that gives them freedom to move, to think, to make decisions and to be oneself. To provide such an environment we need to be prepared so that whatever we do we can be present, physical and emotional. 

We all love being around those who have light in their eyes and fire in their belly and peace in their heart. 

Children ‘download’ our state of being. The more prepared we are, the more we are filled up with positive thoughts and the less drained we feel. The more filled up we are, the easier it is to be and stay in the heart, and the more contented the children will be. 

In all things never underestimate the power of 'being' prepared! 

All care moments and rituals need preparation in the Head, Hand and Heart as the foundation. The more prepared the adult the more present the adult. The biggest gift we can give our children is our presence. It is those who choose to be 'present' and have an attitude of 'mindfulness' that really do make the difference in the life of children.