Heart centred, it’s a matter of trust

30 Heart centred is trust.png

As teachers parents have asked us ‘why heart centred, aren’t all centres heart centred?’

It can be hard to put into words exactly what ‘heart centred’ can offer a child, but when we see each and every ‘graduating’ child we know that this is what we’d love to show these querying parents.

Why choose a heart centred place?

Because of this marvel! Because of this confident, caring, capable, courteous and character-filled person, so young and yet so dynamic and amazing.

The question of what does a heart centred programme give a child is answered by looking at these children, upon leaving and also further down the track.

There is faith involved.

Development isn’t a linear, step by step process, and parents may feel that measurable progress isn’t happening in the schedule they were hoping for.

We ask for trust, as your child would if they could put that into words.

They WILL develop, in big leaps and bursts, suddenly making connections and bounding ahead with all the confidence of someone who has been given the time to do it their way.

They will develop in a myriad of ways and will leave us to engage in the world with open heads, hearts and hands.

Part of a journey, a story a fabric

Their graduation from this warm, homely, community minded place will always have a wee tinge of sadness but a big feeling of contentment that these years were well spent.

If the setting your child attending is heart-centred it will remain a part of them, though their memories will fade, and they will remain a part of us, the heart centred teachers - part of our journey, our story, our very fabric.

Without having had a specific ‘preparation’ programme, they are 'ready' in the very broadest sense - not for school, but for anything - to take on challenges, meet new people, ask for help, be tuned in to their surroundings and care for others.

(This article was adapted from a previously published  blog post 'Our story, our fabric')