Yes for them is a yes for you!

27 Yes for them.png

Our children love to hear “yes”, and the truth is it can be just as enjoyable for us to say it. There are so many times in a day we say no (whether aloud or not), but if we paused before responding, maybe we'd say yes more often.

Puddle joy or puddle dread?

The beauty of children is their adventurous spirit and spontaneity. They see puddles and their eyes sparkle. They see mud and are ready to immerse themselves in it. The potential for fun is all around them, and their eyes and hearts are wide open to spot these invitations to play.

As parents we tend to see this same world through a different lens.  

The same puddle or mud suggests extra washing, or a delay getting to a destination.  We forget to focus on the joy held in the moment of the splashing, and think about the aftermath and clean up.  

We forget that instead of just following a response of no, we do have a choice. We could choose in this moment to remember what it felt like to be a child. When a puddle beckoned, how did we respond as a child? How did we want our own parent to respond?

We can choose to see the spark in the child, not the inconvenience to our own plans.  

Childhood is so short and we can choose to embrace it if we wish to. We can choose to say YES.

The years for walking past puddles and mud will come. Our children will grow up as we did. We don't want to look back in regret at missed opportunities when we suddenly realise the time has passed. Imagine your future self being able to look at puddle and see memories, rather than a sense of ‘if only’.  

The power of YES!

YES might take time, create mess or uncertainty, but yes is worth it.

There will be times for no, but when this becomes our go-to answer it is a real shame.  

Our children miss these little life filled experiences, and the opportunity to feel heard. We miss out too.

We miss the chance for slowing down, living in the moment and just letting go. We miss seeing who our children truly are if we're not limiting them by seeing only our perspective.

Remembering to see the world through a child's eyes reopens a sense of wonder for us.  YES is really a gift you get to share with your child - it is a yes for both of you