Life - it’s exciting as it is

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So often we get caught up in the idea that we need to ‘go big’ in our time spent with our children.  We book tickets, cram outings with as many stops as possible, and still wonder if we are doing ‘enough’.

If we know about brain development and the critical first six years we feel even more compelled to ensure we expose our children to as much as possible.  The fear of limiting them somehow pushes us to fill their time, empty our bank accounts, and ‘keep up’ with families around us.

The excitement of life as is

What we forget though is the power of the ordinary.  Life as is holds so much exposure and experience for a young child.  They don't need grand, they need real. Everyday people doing everyday things still holds magic.  

Our children know this inherently, and we can help them keep this sense of wonder in the ordinary by allowing for a slower pace, and by our own attitude.  

If we value spare time, and simple together moments they will catch some of this enjoyment.  If, on the contrary, they see us only living for the next big event or holiday, and afraid to have gaps in our calendar, they'll take that on board too.  

Presence, the matter that really matters

Time with our children provides important nourishment to them, and to our relationship with them.  What matters here is the togetherness, our presence, and not the price tag.

A walk around the block or a board game are as soul filling as circus tickets.  A strong and happy childhood doesn't depend on lavish threads. Love and life, woven together through the ordinary family rhythms and moments create the most beautiful and memory-filled childhood fabrics.