Lets DO Christmas!

42 Christmas 01.png

Here at the Heart School we are big believers in the magic of Christmas.  We look back to our own childhoods and remember Christmas as a joyous time, and then we look at what is happening for today’s young children.  Many are spending their days in ECE settings, and many of these settings decide not to “do Christmas”. If this is where many of the child’s waking hours are for this season, we really do feel it’s a shame.  And so we offer teachers inspiration and ideas for creating a beautiful Christmas environment and authentic memories.

As parents, whether we “do Christmas” is of course, a personal choice.

But through our Heart School lens, we want to offer some festive food for thought. Especially if our children are in a setting or school that don’t celebrate, infusing our homes with the Christmas spirit can create such a wonderful atmosphere to be  a child in.

The childlike heart responds to Christmas.  The decorations, the sparkle, the stories, the wonder, and yes, even the presents.  We see it in their words, eyes, their joy in participating in the little tasks in the lead up.

Some of us have lost that Christmas sparkle.  We see this time of year differently - the stress, the cost, the mess, relationship dynamics, the commercialism and loss of meaning that seems more widespread these days. And for those reasons we may want to play it small or opt out entirely. We may have the ‘big day’ but perhaps little preparation or wind down. The season may be one day bar some online shopping and late night wrapping.

However, for our children’s sake, and to reawaken our own child heart we can choose to make this festive season MORE.  

We can choose our own style of celebrating, but make sure that our child gets to feel the wonder of a Christmas done well.  

We can offer them a feast for the eyes and soul as we decorate the house together, with special treasures that actually mean something to us and them.

We can offer their ears some joy while rediscovering some Christmas classics, for one season we can surely find something we can tolerate, even if we say we ‘can’t stand carols’.

We can include our child in the preparation, the plans, and let their enthusiasm be contagious.

If the commercialism bothers us, we can opt out of just that part, not the whole affair.  

We can emphasise service, homemade gifts, outings or whatever we value the most instead.

There is no one way to do it, but for our children, let’s DO CHRISTMAS!