Parenting with the Heart in mind - welcome to the Heart School

Imagine you've just walked into a beautiful, cosy, nurturing place where you instantly feel welcome and at home.  You know there is kindness here, you can feel it in the air. 

You can settle in, browse for something that speaks to you, sit and reflect, or feel moved to action.  The Heart School for Parents has been developed to be exactly that kind of place. 

Too often parents feel judged, overwhelmed with advice and information, and are steered away from their own gut instincts.  The Heart School for Parents is in direct contrast.  We are an oasis from the judgement storm.  We value the many ways to lovingly raise a child.  There is no requirement to follow one philosophy to the letter, meet certain criteria or 'measure up' in any way.  

Parenting with the heart in mind

What will unite us all is our desire to parent with the heart in mind.  We will share our core beliefs but encourage you to find your own 'how to's.  What we are offering you is food for thought, and you can select from a broad menu of insights, inspiration and ideas to suit your taste.  You can leave anything you don't care for on the buffet cart for others. 

Our Heart School for Parents grew as a natural extension of our Heart School which caters to Early Childhood Teachers.  Our passion for infusing kindness into relationships with children goes beyond the walls of any care setting, and is a beautiful fit for family homes. 

Parents need kindness too and this is where our inclusive, non judgmental stance comes from.  

Please, feel extremely welcome here no matter how your beautiful bundle entered this world , how they were nourished, where they slept, or how they were carried from place to place.

The common journey we share is the desire to parent from the heart, but the path we travel will be our own.   We can support you on your parenting trek, reminding you of kindness, connection, and consciousness along the way.