Organise the environment, not the child

Structure.  It is a word that gets bounced around a bit and we rather avoid. It holds slightly negative connotations and is easily misinterpreted to imply something too strict, too regimented.

If we change the word 'structured' to 'organised' we get a clearer picture.

Children like a sense of order in the physical setting. This physical order is the key to how they can choose and carry out their own individual activities in a peaceful atmosphere.

What’s next - who is ready, you or they?

Our children have their own timetable for development. If we trust their inbuilt timing, we can resist the urge to ‘teach’, intervene, coax and prompt. We can instead put our energies into observing, noticing, appreciating and celebrating. Our focus moves to looking at what our child CAN do instead of what they can’t (yet).