Articles for heart-centred carers

Our articles are write ups from our thoughts and musings. We like to think outside the box and question the norm. We don't like compartmentalising or adding labels. We rather march to our own beat and share the steps with you. We invite you to walk your own path, and if you so wish, use our musings, thoughts and ideas as stepping stones for your own journey.

Take some time, grab a cuppa, put your feet up, sit in front of a roaring fire or bask in the sun. Wherever in the world you are, have an open mind, question, ponder, try, reject, embrace but most of all, ENJOY AND CELEBRATE! Don't forget to check out our archive for more.




With our vast experiences as teachers, centre owners, managers and facilitators we tap into a rich resource of knowledge and skills. There are bound to be gems in our articles that you can use in your practices, programme or your relationships.



Our parent articles are inspired by our experiences as parents, raising our own families. Between us we have five children, ranging in age from 1-25. We have a toddler, a school child, a teenager and two young adults. Can there be any more variety?