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A Heart for Toddlers Toolkit

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Imagine if you can keep the toddler spark alight without extinguishing your energy when caring for them?

Children of all ages are amazing, and toddlers hold their own unique blend of enchantment. Passionate and driven, emotional and curious, they have distinct needs, different from those in the infancy stage they've emerged from, and those in the preschool stage to come.

Toddlerhood is not an easy time - for the toddler, or their adults.

Toddlers are complex, conflicted little people. They are experiencing both the joys and the challenges of growing up. They are wrestling with the competing desires to spread their wings, while also staying close to a safe adult. Their emotions are bigger than they are.  This has resulted in a questionable picture of the toddler painted by society. 

Toddlers - do you see a picture of tantrums and challenge?

We did!

And we didn't like that picture!

We have changed it!

We see a picture of energy, drive, and wonder.

Kindness starts with a positive view, and we have learned to look beyond the negative perceptions of toddlers to see all the magic.

How did we do that?

We changed our practices and environment into a place, space and pace that is focussed on love, beauty, kindness and care that lays a strong foundation that meets their needs.

And we have bundles our experiences, ideas and thoughts together. We have created resources to help you prepare a environment for toddlers that is not just 'good enough' but is exceptional. 

A Heart for Toddlers - exceptional care for toddlers 

If we look to purely ‘manage’ our toddlers, we lose something, the connection between two people. If instead we can see life through the toddler's eyes we are saying, ‘I see you, I’ve been you’. Instead of pitting us against them, in a battle of wills, we can come alongside them, and be the empathetic support that they need.   

When it is your job to respond to the needs of another, you don’t need “tricks” up your sleeve - three step behaviour methods, a ‘script’ for certain situations, stickers, time out stools and other gimmicks. But it does help to have some “tools” to help you respond in kindness. 

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The toolkit includes:

  • A Heart for Toddlers - teacher guide

  • A Heart for Toddlers - recipe set

  • A-Z of Exceptional Parent Care

  • A Heart for Toddlers - poster set

This complete toolkit will set you up with 'tools' to give our beautiful toddlers the support they want and need with kindness. It will help you understand our toddlers better and reach out to them from the heart.

In the Toddler Toolkit you will not only get our A4 Toddler teacher guide but also our Toddler Recipe set, a set of 10 cards, with recipes for toddlers, written from the heart of a toddler. You will also get our A-Z of exceptional parent care guide. In an exceptional toddler setting parents thrive too. They have the same needs as their wee one - to be seen, heard and valued. This A-Z guide will show you how to build and maintain exceptional parent relationships, with, to and from the heart. The toolkit is complete with our A Heart for Toddlers - Poster set, a set of three A4 cards , with our heartfelt messages about what toddlers need most. Attractively displayed, they act as a ' top up' of inspiration to keep our zest for toddlers alive. These posters use our sprinkling of ingredients - wisdom, beauty and humour, to get to the heart of what really matters.

Available for shipping within New Zealand and to Australia and USA. 

A Heart for Toddlers is for:

We care so passionately about toddler well-being that these resources have been designed for as wide an audience as possible. You may be:

  • Working in an ECE centre or a home based setting;

  • ‘On the floor’, directly involved in the care of toddlers, or someone who oversees carers and a programme;

  • New to ECE, or an ‘old hand’;

  • A follower of The Heart School, or a new recruit;

  • From our wee corner of the World (Aotearoa, New Zealand), or further afield.

Regardless of your role, if quality toddler care matters to you, you’ll find information and inspiration in this toolkit. 

These resources are for anyone who cares for and about toddlers. Whether in groups of 4 or forty, our toddlers deserve exceptional care. Carers have needs too, regardless of the number of toddlers in their care. If we get the relationship, environment, and programme right, everyone in the setting thrives. 

I will learn:

All sorts of practical advice and tips to prepare a kind and nurturing care environment for toddlers that meets their needs. We will give you a series of dynamic tools. Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • Which 'activities' to offer toddlers

  • How to respond to 'boundary pushing', and the physical hurting toddlers may engage in

  • How to get beyond ‘crowd control’ and engage in quality interactions

  • How to stay positive with increasing pressure to meet regulations and criteria, rather than the needs of the children.

  • How to work respectfully and cohesively in a team who may have different beliefs and styles

  • How to use collaborative language to create a collaborative mindset which will result in collaborative actions

  • Many ideas that will help you understand toddlers and their needs and how to create a physical and emotional environment that supports their social development with patience and kindness

Will it “tame” or “train” the toddler? No.

Will it help you respond in kindness, build a relationship based on love and trust and nurture empathy and compassion? Yes. This is a resource for the heart!

Care enough about toddlers and pick up a copy. An investment of time and heart is always going to pay off.


A Heart for Toddlers - Teacher guide

- NZD $50 plus shipping (p&p)

A 90+ page teacher guide printed on A4 150 gsm paper, full colour, with practices, ideas and inspiration. This guide includes: 

  • A list of play object ideas

  • Topics for observation

  • Suggestions for words to use with toddlers

  • Questions for families

  • Ideas to prepare your toddler environment

  • Questions for deeper exploration related to caring for toddlers

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