Meet Anja, Kimberley and Tessa

The creators, tinkerers and kind humans behind The Heart School.

When Kimberley and Anja met something magical happened. While coming from different philosophical backgrounds, there was a real connection founded by the heart-centred believes and approach they shared. It's this mix of Pikler, Montessori and their own values and beliefs about heart-centred teaching that brought them together. Tessa, who is also Montessori trained and had been our support behind the scenes from the beginning, joined us later. We were working in different centres, creating homely environments that are a feast for the eyes, heart and soul. We started creating magical ‘anniversaries of the heart’ and precious memories, sprinkling kindness, love, beauty, care, and respect around our places. When we saw the tremendous benefits of these authentic environments we decided to share this goodness, and The Heart School was born. 
Our strength lies in our ability to not be just one thing, but to have a strong living identity that is anchored in our hearts. We don't get hung on whether something is or isn't Pikler, Montessori, or Steiner, but focus on the most important question of all: is this kind? To be heart centred is to take the best of who we are, and what we've learned, and to infuse it into our own heart-full criteria. We have packaged up our ideas and experiences into beautiful resources and services to help you infuse your space with kindness and love. Rather than a strict dogma to follow, we ask you to tune into your heart, and use that as the anchor to guide your unique journey.

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Celebrate in the heart.
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Meet the team

Anja Geelen The Heart School

Anja Geelen

Curious creator, free-range child at heart, bonfire builder, nature devotee, beach walker, mountain seeker, traveler, proud mum of three and solopreneur. She is also a trained early childhood teacher and Montessori guide and the founder of two enviro-nature Montessori preschools.

Kimberley Crisp The Heart School

Kimberley Crisp

Hands-on facilitator, passionate believer, flower picker, bohemian at heart, charismatic speaker, candle burner, animal lover and earthling. Kimberley is a trained early childhood teacher and has trained at the Pikler Institute in Budapest. She has founded, and manages The Nest, a Pikler inspired kindergarten. 

Tessa  McTaylor The Heart School

Tessa McTaylor

Passionate parent educator, juggler with words, madly in love with infants and children of all ages, great sense of humour and doting mum of two. Tessa is a trained early childhood and primary/elementary teacher and a Montessori guide.




Anja's goldie Koda was raised the ‘piklersori’ way, if there is such thing.

He is an unconditionally loving dog. Unlike his human companions, he doesn't live in the past, nor does he live in the future. Koda only lives in the moment in simple happiness.

Lincoln - The Heart School


Lincoln or Linc was found by the SPCA when children were throwing rocks at him.

He believes he won the doggie lotto when he got adopted by Kimberley and family. In his short time at Kimberley's home and the Nest he has already won over many hearts. 


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